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Sunday, 3 March 2019

Blogtour: Review: The Two Hearts Of Eliza Bloom by Beth Miller

It's my pleasure to be one of today's stops on the blogtour for The Two Hearts of Elisa Bloom by Beth Miller. Thanks to Bookouture for the ARC.

Let me start by saying that this book was an unexpectedly gripping read. It unfolds with quiet drama, exploring the clashing and merging of two very different cultures via one particularly rebellious character, Eliza.

Told across two time-lines, we see Eliza right at the beginning of her relationship in one, and then at least a decade into her marriage with the other – offering an intriguing juxtaposition of how her circumstances have altered – as well as highlighting those that remain exactly the same.

The writing is deft and detailed, and though this book was a bit of a departure for me in terms of its story, I felt in the safest hands with this clever storyteller. The characters are fully rounded and complex – lots to love and admire there, but also many aspects that were fairly unsavoury, even within our heroine. This is what made the book so special. This was no straight forward story told in black and white- but an entire kaleidoscope of shades came together to make for a brilliant read.

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The Blurb:

She followed her heart to change her life, but she didn’t realise how much she left behind…

Eliza Bloom has a list of rules: long, blue skirt on Thursdays, dinner with mother on Fridays, and never give your heart away to the wrong person. Nothing is out of place in her ordered life…

Then she met someone who she was never supposed to speak to. And he introduced her to a whole world of new lists:
New foods to try – oysters and sushi
Great movies to watch – Bambi and Some Like It Hot
Things I love about Eliza Bloom

Eliza left everything she knew behind for him, but sometimes love just isn’t enough. Especially when he opens a hidden shoebox and starts asking a lot of questions about her past life. As the walls Eliza has carefully constructed threaten to come crashing down, will she find a way to keep hold of everyone she loves, and maybe, just maybe, bring the two sides of her heart together at last?

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