Thursday, 5 July 2018

Blogtour: Review: A Flicker of Steel by Steve McHugh

Morning all! Today it's my pleasure to be taking part in the blogtour for Steve McHugh's A Flicker Of Steel - the second book in his urban fantasy series, The Avalon Chronicles.

A Flicker Of Steel is a fast-paced action packed riot of magic, myths and legends on the rampage. Prepare yourself to meet familiar legends in a whole new guise as characters held oh-so-dear are given a murderous makeover, whilst others with names much-maligned battle to restore some semblance of balance to the world.

McHugh has a light touch with his language, steering clear of the heavy wording of much epic-fantasy and favouring an urban flavour which I think must make him a favourite of a younger readership as well as long-standing fantasy stalwarts. Oh- and let's talk about his sense of humour. Murder, mayhem and distruction there may well be, but there were several moments where I snorted my coffee as I read a little pointed aside by one of the characters where you could clearly see the author's wicked sense of humour shining through.

I did find the first chapter or so a little slow as the scene was set, but this was obviously necessary for so many characters to enter the stage. From there on - it was wall-to-wall action, so prepare yourself!

The mixture of familiar myths in new settings, and the clever layers of magic make for a fascinating read, where pretty much anything feels possible.

This is the second book in the series and I have not read book one. I really wouldn't recommend this book as a standalone. Yes- you can jump into the story and play catch up with the characters, the myths and the magic as you go along, but the action is so fast-paced, and the magic and story-so-far are integral to everything that is happening. I felt like I was only getting half the benefit of the novel - which is a massive shame, as I connected quickly with the characters, and I particularly loved Layla and Remy. So, if this book appeals to you and you haven't read the first instalment in the series, I recommend you reading A Glimmer of Hope first.

A Flicker of Steel is everything you love about fantasy, told with a fun and fresh voice, with plenty of action to keep you turning the pages.

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The Blurb

Avalon stands revealed, but the war is far from over. For Layla Cassidy, it has only just begun.

Thrust into a new world full of magic and monsters, Layla has finally come to terms with her supernatural powers—and left her old life behind. But her enemies are relentless.

Sixteen months after her life changed forever, Layla and her team are besieged during a rescue attempt gone awry and must fight their way through to freedom. It turns out that Avalon has only grown since their last encounter, adding fresh villains to its horde. Meanwhile, revelations abound as Layla confronts twists and betrayals in her own life, with each new detail adding to the shadow that looms over her.

As Layla fights against the forces of evil, her powers begin to increase—and she discovers more about the darkness that lies in her past. As this same darkness threatens her future, will she be ready to fight for everything she holds dear?


  1. Thanks so much for the Blog Tour support Laura xx

  2. This is an awesome blog post, Laura. ^_^ x

    I've added A Flicker of Steel to my tbr list and can't wait to find the time to read it.