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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Hump Day Bookish Treats: 5 Pick-Me-Up Gifts for Book Lovers

Hi folks - welcome to my new series - Hump Day Bookish Treats. Yup - every week, I'll be scouring the shops for goodies to help get you through to the weekend- whether you're treating yourself or a book-obsessed friend, I promise you that these goodies will bring you a nice mid-week rush of naughty retail-therapy endorphins!

Cosy Library Candle

Shop: Sonnet and Fable via Etsy
Price: £8.45

Turn your room into your very own bookish haven! As the good people at Sonnet and Fable say: "Surround yourself with the aroma of the perfect reading nook. This candle smells of leather, coffee, amber, musk, aged teakwood and caramel." YUM!

Library Card Socks

Shop: British Library Shop
Price: £9.50

Wear these with pride to the day-job and show your inner book-nerd :)

Librarian Badge

Shop: British Library Shop
Price: £3.00

Declare your true self! You might still have to go to the day-job for the rest of the week, but you can wear your heart on your sleeve... or your dream-job on your jersey in this case.

The Great Gatsby Scarf

Shop: Rooby Lane via Etsy
Price: £25.00

I love love love this fab scarf - and frankly the spring isn't quite springing yet so I know I'll end up living in this soft t-shirt jersey beauty for weeks to come.

Readers Gonna Read Pin

Price: £7.00

1. It's on library card backing- and how awesome is that?

2. I want to use the backing as a bookmark... and

3. Sometimes you just can't beat another book-loving badge :)

Let me know what takes your fancy! Laura x

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