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Friday, 18 November 2016

#Friday5: The Loves & Loathes of a Book Blogger

I know we’ve talked before, but there are certain things that really fire us book bloggers up and help us feel the love – and things that make us want to chew our own arms off. So, here you go- the loves and loathes of a book blogger…

1. Love

The most obvious love for me is the books. It’s a real pleasure and a privilege to have the opportunity to read early copies of future bestsellers- and perhaps feeling like we’re a small part of the story of that book reaching its readers.

2. Loathe

I sometimes feel like I’ve abandoned old favourites. As a busy book-blogger, you’re always thinking ahead to what’s coming out next – next week, next month and even next year. It means that re-reading a book can become something of a longed-for luxury… and sometimes there are books that came out last month or last year that you’d love to read… but it would mean falling behind on what’s coming up next!

3. Love

I love getting to know authors, agents and publishers. This is such an incredibly supportive community of people to be a part of – and having a hoard of book-mad-mates just a tweet away is an endless comfort. Fancy chatting about your current read at 3am? No problem!

4. Loathe

It’s kind of the opposite of point 3 I suppose. You’ve read, you’ve loved, you’ve reviwed…tagged…tweeted…shared… and there’s complete radio-silence. Boo hiss! 

5. Love

The disgruntled look on our postman’s face as he drops off yet another parcel. Poor old postman Steve! (Post-mistress Katie doesn't mind so much as she likes to borrow my books when I'm done :) ) Book post is the best!

Have a fabulous weekend my lovelies, and see you all next week.
Laura x

1 comment:

  1. What a great list - and I completely agree with point 2. I do review books, though I'm not a book blogger, but I very rarely go back and re-read any more and I kind of wish I did. Maybe next year! :)