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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Cupcakes Are Dead! Long Live The… Cupcake? (Sigh)


Excuse me while I have a teeny tiny rant about the over-use of sweet, sugary foodstuffs in our beloved reading matter.

Please understand, dear reader, that I’m not a hater of rom-com and chick lit. My tastes may be broadening to include some dark and grizzly thrillers here and there, but I haven’t abandoned my pastel coloured roots – after all, my blogging journey started out at Chick Lit Love - and that’s a love that’ll never die.


For the love of all that is pink and quirky and funny and sassy PLEASE stop basing your books around sugary food-stuffs. Isn’t it time to move on from stories to do with Cupcakes, Cafes, Sweetshops, Ice Cream, Chocolate Shops (etc… insert your own here…)

In fact…

I’m going to broaden my rant a little here. I’ve now got a personal reading embargo going on. I won’t be reading any books along the above lines from now on… but neither will I be reading anything that has a title generated by the following formula:

The + insert adjective + insert anywhere you can buy anything + 

“by the” / “in the”/ “on the” / “near the” (or similar) + insert location

Sorry, but there you have it. Surely it’s time to start playing with some new and exciting titles? Ones that hook the reader before they even start reading? Remember those?

The sad thing is, that in amongst these sugar-fuelled, similarly titled books are some stunning stories that I know I’m going to be missing out on… but I just can’t bring myself to add to the mountain.

What are your thoughts. Anyone else out there suffering from a similar allergic reaction?

See you soon,
Laura x

p.s. I mean absolutely no offence to individual authors- I've read and enjoyed tonnes of these titles- 
I'm just thinking it might be time for some new ideas on the settings and titles front!
p.p.s I'm also aware that it's not always up to the author. So. Editors and marketing teams - 
I'm looking at you kid(s) :)


  1. *weeps* I don't know you, but I think I love you. That is all.

  2. I do like a nice sugary read and I can guarantee I will enjoy it but I do like to broaden my reading genre and tackle different, unusual quirky reads. Also love a good historical romance and family saga learning about how families coped in different cultures and eras. There does seem to be alot of similar style books and I think I agree with you maybe its time to move on but not totally forgotten as there are moments in our lives we need to indulge in some sweet tales ... :)

    1. Hi hun - I agree totally with you - I love a sweet read... I guess I'm just looking for a broadening of horizons when it comes to settings and titles :) Thanks for stopping in. Lxxx