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Monday, 21 March 2016

Event Round-Up: Blogger / Author Shenanigans- London

Wow, wow. WOW! What a weekend…

As many of you will know, I hopped on a (very early) train up to London to join a whole host of incredible people at the Blogger / Author Shenanigans on Saturday. I was so excited to be invited by Kim Nash over at Kim The Bookworm –thank you Kim! – and couldn’t possibly miss this opportunity to finally put some faces to the online avatars I’ve been chatting to for the past 8 years or so.

I had intended to vlog about the event. I even got a very early-morning intro shot on the way to the station and some lovely clips as the train trundled past the sea at Dawlish. But that was as far as it got- because the nerves and excitement kicked in, and frankly, there were far too many exciting people in that room to be wasting time trying to record whilst fighting the immense volume of the TV and chatter of 80-odd book lovers(!) so I decided I’d prefer to spend my time making introductions and new friends.

And boy did I meet a whole host of new friends! From the lovely Kirsty at The Curious Ginger Cat, Annette at SincerelyBookAngels and Adele at KraftiReader - all of whom were so kind, friendly and welcoming when I arrived that my nerves calmed a few degrees- even if my epic clumsiness didn’t!

Then there were the authors… some I managed to have a chat with such as the lovely T.A Williams (happy Book Birthday by the way Trevor!), charming Tom Bale, and incredible Karen Long… and Giselle Green… and Lorelei Matthias… and Barbara Copperthwait... and Heidi Swain … and and and... crikey... there were just too many fantastic authors there to list all of them (I wish I could) and every single one of them was a real joy to meet.

I have to mention here that I was especially thrilled to catch up with the lovely Talli Roland who was wearing two name-badges as she begins to spread the word about her new novel, The Day I Found You, which will be released under her new pseudonym, Leah Mercer.  Talli was the very first author I ever interviewed on my blogging journey- so I can’t wait to find out more about this exciting new stage in her career!

At this stage, I think I should just confess that there were moments, both with authors and with bloggers, where my nerves re-surfaced and I did a fabulous stunned-guppy impression and either just about managed a squeak in their direction (I’m looking at you Holly Martin!) or simply ran away… I’m sorry guys… sorry if I didn’t make much sense or if I didn’t manage to talk to you at all this time. But I look forward to meeting you in the future (and maybe managing an entire sentence!)

Chatting to people after the event, I’m surprised at how many of us were nervous… and perhaps that’s the lesson I’ve come away with this weekend. Talk to everyone you can, chances are they’re feeling exactly like you!

So, exhausted, ravenous and on a complete high- I slunk away from the party with the lovely Ann from Books and Authors UK for a bite to eat and loads more bookish gossip before she popped me on a bus back to Paddington (to avoid round 2 with the tube chaos- my hero!)

What a day. Thank you everyone for doing what you do and being who you are. See you all again soon!

Laura x


  1. It was a great event. Sorry I never got a chance to come speak to you. Maybe next time.

    1. Sorry I didn't speak with you too- definitely next time, I'll make a bee-line for you :)

  2. Brilliant write up, so pleased to have met you and to chat with fellow book fans. I was very nervous too but felt at ease once I got chatting to you. Hope to see you again soon x

    1. I look forward to our next catch up! If you're ever down in Devon, do give me a shout... see you soon I hope x

  3. Great post, I hope to meet you at the next one!