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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Hello and Happy Autumn

Goodness me, where did the summer go? Not that I’m complaining. The trees are changing colour, the air is all crisp and delicious and I’ve had to dig my stockpile of chunky jumpers out from the back of the cupboard. I love autumn.

September always brings that exciting back to school feeling – new notebooks, sharp pencils and a new rubber from the stationery cupboard (remember how exciting that was on the first day back at school?). I find that September acts more like new year for me than… well… New Year. It’s a great time for new beginnings, resolutions, rolling up your sleeves and getting started (again).

So – here I am getting started (again). I can’t believe that I haven’t posted here since July – and yet the last two months have whizzed past. I thought I’d give you a little update on what has been occurring, and what I hope is coming next.

Where have I been? Well – you’ll have to indulge me for a moment on some non-bookish rambling. As some of you may know, my day job is as a fundraiser for a local charity for learning disabled youngsters and I’m currently studying for a professional qualification with the Institute of Fundraising alongside my full-time role. It’s brilliant- but re-discovering the academic side of my brain after about 15 years off of having to write essays and reference anything has been kicking my behind. Thoroughly.

As well as this, I draw and paint and generally make a mess with arty stuff. I do portraits of humans and pets- and have recently set my pencils aside to play more with paint. Yes… my floorboards are now covered in splotches. Yes… I’ve dipped my brush in my coffee on a near-daily basis. Yes… I’ve had a LOT of fun.

Oh… and there’s one more thing (or two – I still can’t make up my mind – maybe you can help…) I’ve been writing. I have two books on the go. Two vastly different books. The first is the first novel in my Rosemount Manor series – and I’m looking forward to telling you lots more about this very soon- but to start you off, we’re talking romantic fiction set in the near-derelict rose gardens of the beautiful Rosemount Manor. The second novel is the first part of an epic fantasy trilogy. I’m having a lot of fun being incredibly mean to my characters. Sadly, I’d just landed them all in a river when I got called away to work on an assignment, so I know they’re currently waterlogged and cursing me roundly!

And I haven’t forgotten about reading – I’ve been doing some of that too. Some brilliant books have been devoured during the odd snatches of time between everything else- and some excellent audiobooks have kept me company in the studio- I’ve just been a bit rubbish about telling you about them.

But – I’m back. I’ve got lots of reviews lined up for the next few months, along with some bookish news, interviews and general gossip. I may even sneak in the occasional post about my drawing, painting and writing… you never know!

In the meantime, happy Autumn, and I hope you’re having lots of fun, whatever you’re up to.

Laura x

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