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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

#SummerImpulse: Five Things No One Told You About Readathons

“Join the Readathon,” they said. “You’ll have a blast,” they said… I’m here to tell you about the five strange things that no one ever told you about taking part in a readathon…

1. Obsessive Compulsive Blogger Syndrome

You know how normally you’d be thrilled at reading one or maybe two books in a busy working week. Perhaps you’re happy to nip on to twitter and Facebook a couple of times during the day. Forget it! You’re on a mission – can you fit in 5, 6 … what about 7 books into your week? How to pick them? Tweet, retweet, check the tag again, see what everyone else is doing… add another book to your list. Oh no- you’ve forgotten Facebook… pop over and like, share, post… And heaven forbid that a day goes past when you don’t blog!

2. Toilet Reading

Get used to the idea that everyone- family, friends, colleagues- are all going to think that you have some horrible stomach bug. Why else would you spend so long in the loo? It wouldn’t have anything to do with that kindle stuffed up your jumper and the pathological need to squeeze reading time out of every opportunity, would it?

3. Zombie Eyes

You’re going to read late. Very late. And then you’re going to set your alarm super early to gain an
extra hour of reading before your real-life morning routine hits. This is great for the first few days – you may even feel a little smug. Oh yes- you are Super-Blogger. In fact why hadn’t you thought of doing this before? And then after day three, reality hits. You don’t do this because you need your 8 hours of beauty sleep. You now look like an anaemic zombie with piss-hole eyes. The weird thing is- you still don’t care… because it’s all in the name of the READATHON!

4. Slightly Hysterical Reviews

Think you’re a little bit funny, a little bit witty? Write a decent review and try to make sure there are a couple of quotable lines in each one you do? Expect that to slip…. Remember zombie eyes? Add to that Custard Brain. This week’s all about the reading- but then you remember you need to talk about the books, review them, tweet about them. But you’re so tired and there are an awful lot of plot lines floating around your head. Take a deep breath and try not to let your tired brain turn them all into an interesting mash up. And don’t cry when, ten minutes after posting, you realise that all of the good bits you had planned to include in your write up – those one-liners and beautiful comparisons… well, they just didn’t make it onto the screen. They are still stuck in your Custard Brain.

5. Tripling your TBR

The most dangerous aspect of a Readathon. Everyone’s going to be reading up a storm, and
recommending fabulous books left, right and centre. Forget trying to add them all into your reading list this week. Bow to the inevitable, get our your notebook (or excel sheet, sticky notes, back of an envelope, Amazon wishlist) and start adding in every recommendation that tickles your fancy. Then, come payday, go mad! After all, you’ve just survived a Readathon – surely you deserve a treat (or twenty!)

(6. Bonus point!

You’ll love every minute of it. You’ll make tonnes of new mates on twitter, Facebook or wherever else on the interwebs you’re hanging out, it will spur on your reading, get you into the habit of regular blogging if you’ve dropped off the waggon (stop pointing at me!!), and will help you get through some books that have been lounging in your TBR pile for far too long.  DO IT!)

See you on the other side,
Laura x


  1. Good luck with it - have fun! :)

    1. Thanks- I am ;) I just wish it had landed in my holiday!! x

  2. This is so cute. You caaan doooo iiiiiit!