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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Review: The Cosy Teashop In The Castle by Caroline Roberts

I had a very strange reason for picking up this book… 

Being food obsessed, as soon as I spotted a photo of the ‘Choffee Cake’ – as featured in the novel- on the Harper Impulse blog, I knew that I was hooked and would have to grab a copy of The Cosy Teashop In The Castle... if only for the recipe… very clever marketing guys! Clearly the way to my heart is through my stomach… even when it comes to books.

So. The book. Ellie is stuck in a rut, working in insurance- a job she doesn’t give two hoots about- and nursing all the anger and humiliation that catching your fiancee in bed with your friend causes. Fighting against the wave of over-protective advice and dire warnings from her family, Ellie embarks on a new challenge – to win the lease for Claverham Castle’s tea-rooms, and make a go of a business in an industry she’s never worked in- despite what she may have said in her interview.

Armed only with her dear, departed Nanna’s recipe book, Ellie takes on the task with gusto- but the real challenges come from very unexpected places.

The Cosy Teashop In The Castle is an undemanding read, and proved to be the perfect antidote to the grisly thriller I had just finished. It’s a sweet, meandering romance that’s perfect for dipping into before bedtime. The quintessentially English-country-setting gave it an air of GBBO- and I couldn’t help but picture Nanna as Mary Berry!

I think the biggest surprise was the detailed, steamy sex scenes- which were a huge contrast to the gentle tone of the rest of the book. But- they were well written, and despite being a shock to the system, gave the whole thing a bit of an edge.

So, if you fancy an easy read, with a handful of lovable characters, a lot of cake, and a tiny sprinkling of naughtiness- The Cosy Teashop In The Castle is for you.

The Blurb:

When Ellie Hall lands her dream job running the little teashop in the beautiful but crumbling Claverham Castle, it’s the perfect escape from her humdrum job in the city. Life is definitely on the rise as Ellie replaces spreadsheets for scones, and continues her Nanna’s brilliant baking legacy.
When Lord Henry, the stick-in-the-mud owner, threatens to burst her baking bubble with his old-fashioned ways, Ellie wonders if she might have bitten off more than she can chew. But cupcake by cupcake she wins the locals over, including teashop stalwart, Doris, and Ellie’s showstopping bakes look set to go down in castle history!

Now all that’s missing in Ellie’s life is a slice of romance – can Joe, the brooding estate manager, be the one to put the cherry on the top of Ellie’s dream?

Grab your slice of romance...

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  1. It looks great! Amazon recommended it to me when I was looking the "Cupcakes at Carrington's" and "Christmas and Carrington's" books. I might give it a chance someday! :)